Black Labrador Enamelling Photos

Hi there, just thought I’d put up a few work in progress photos of how some of my dog wall hangings are made. The first one is of Joy! Lab Swimming. I use a combination of powdered and liquid enamels for this big guy.

This first photo shows the liquid white drying on a previously fired duck egg blue. I like to let the edges get a little burned so that by the time it is finished, usually after about 5-6 firings, it has a really nice black border.

Black Labrador Enamel Art 1I use copper sheet.  This is 1.2mm thick and 5×6 inches.

The photo on the right shows one of the firings complete and cooling down.  The white has fused – liquid enamel usually takes a little bit longer to fuse than powdered enamel in my experience. It wBlack Labrador Enamel Artill need a second layer of white and another firing before sifting on the lab himself.


This is a selection of copper tiles in a variety of blues and at various stages.

Black Labrador Enamel Art

On the right the first coat of black enamel has gone onBlack Labrador Enamel 4 for the lab.





And this is the lab having been fired and cooling down before adding the red collar, also in liquid enamel.

Black Labrador Enamel Art

This is me sifting. I use a surgical mask when I enamel and also have an air purifier in front of me.Black Labrador Enamel Art






Finally, the kiln. It is set at 800 degrees (Celsius) for these wall hangings.Kiln 5


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