Border Collie Enamelling Photos

While I was working on the black labrador series of wall hangings and taking photos,  also took some photos of the Sheepdog enamels as they were in progress. This one is of Tennis Pro.

I use powdered enamels for this doglet.

This first pSheepdog Enamel Arthoto shows the transparent enamel having been fired. I usually over-fire this transparent base coat so that I can get a bit of texture to the blues because it can look a bit flat otherwise.

I use copper sheet.  This is 1.2mm thick and 5×6 inches. The photo on the right shows me sifting on some transparent blue enamel.Sifting enamel





And the blue fired.

Enamel TP 3On the right the first coat of black enamel has gone on for the Sheepdog.Sheepdog Enamel Art





And this is the collie having been fired and cooling down before adding the white mane.

Enamelled Border Collie WIP 6

This is me sifting. I use a surgical mask when I enamel and also have an air purifier in front of me.Black Labrador Enamel Art





Oops! Splurged the white enamel…will need to clean that off before firing. Sheepdog Enamel Art


After the white is fired then I need to do the tennis ball. I use a gorgeous Pale Yellow Enamel 8pale yellow for this and then do a little strike-through with a toothpick. I like to have it swooshing up towards the nose to add a little dynamism.


Sheepdog Enamel ArtAnd here it is fired. Let’s see now, I think this little pupster gets fired six times. All that firing makes the blue really stand out. I use that colour a lot because it reacts really well with the copper oxides.

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