Making a Whippethound

I haven’t created a blog post in a while but here we are and my new year’s resolution is coming to pass (I only have one resolution and that is to get my sh*t together which, while covering everything, is also vague enough that it doesn’t cause undue stress upon failure). Part of this resolution is to get on with making a few “how-to” videos of enamelling.

Whippethound, lurcher, Greyhound, Whippet art in copper and enamel
Beautiful, skinny, fast, loving

The video (link is below) shows part of the work in progress for my 2019 wall hangings collection. The subject matter is of one of those long-legged beauties that is finally taking its rightful place in the land of pet dogs: the wonderful, majestic, loving Greyhound/Lurcher/Whippet.

In an effort not to go into full scale ranting mode I will keep it brief: most countries around the world are getting rid of Greyhound racing so fast it is making the punters’ heads spin off their shoulders…meanwhile in the land of the Leprachaun, our erstwhile politicians, incredibly, still give around €14 million of taxpayers’ money to the IGB (Irish Greyhound Board) a year. The IGB is a despicable organisation. Can we afford €14 million to abuse animals for entertainment? No. Can animal welfare afford it? HELL NO!

Anyway, onwards to less emotionally draining things. This video is quite long…basically it is for anyone who is interested in how my work is done so it does go into the details of drawing, sawing, choosing colours, firing and assembling. Not for the faint-hearted.

If any of this is confusing (especially to would-be enamellers) and you have questions about anything, do let me know – make a comment below or email me with your question.

I hope you enjoy it!

Here’s the link: Enamelling a Whippethound