World Animal Day

PrintToday I want to help to publicise the plight of Moon Bears in China and Vietnam. There are approximately 12,000 held illegally in bile battery farms where their treatment is appalling. It is cruel in the extreme and all in the name of traditional medicine. Their bile is extracted, without pain relief and they “live” in cages so small that they can’t turn around. And if you think that a Moon Bear’s life is short – it isn’t – they can live into their thirties. Imagine what it is like to be treated with such barbarism for such a long time.

Thankfully things are changing – but slowly. With the help of Jill Robinson (OBE) who Baby Moon Bear with Jill Robinson founder of Animals Asiafounded Animals Asia 20 years ago, Moon Bears have a chance of being protected and rescued.

What an amazing and formidable woman Jill is. She has set up two sanctuaries, one in China and one in Vietnam. Her team helps all animals, not just Moon Bears. That is one of the many reasons I chose to support Animals Asia through my small business; they help cats and dogs in the meat trade; safari and circus animals; animals used for medicines. No animal is left outside of their compassionate gaze.

AA-logo-UK-201803094 CroppedFor now, please check out Animals Asia and the fantastic work they do by going to their website:

I’ll be talking more about Animals Asia and about kindness for all animals in future posts.

In the meantime, have an animal-compassionate day!