White wine and horses

Race Night Ruhama

I was at a Race Night last Saturday in the Punchbowl in Dublin – it was a charity event held by The American Women’s Club of Dublin (AWCD) in aid of Ruhama.

What a great night out with a gang of pals – a lot of chat was had and plenty of white wine was consumed (nothing new there), and I woke up on Sunday morning to find that the dogs had slipped into bed with me on the sly during the night. I only noticed at 7am when Winnie started pressing her paw against my mouth as though to silence me (what a strange creature). Maybe I was talking in my sleep and disturbing her. Anyway, we gambled on horses, drank Pinot Grigio and toasted my friend Helen (who swam a mile in 38 minutes that day in aid of the Simon Community).

So I rustled myself out of bed and into the shower, reorganised body and mind, then headed off to spend Sunday afternoon with my 5 year old niece. She had come home from school on Friday with a head full of nits. Yikes.

“Loads!” She told me beaming. Nothing takes the joy out of that child’s life – she is happy literally all of the time. I wish I knew the secret to her success. Then off she skipped for another de-lousing session.

But back to the topic at hand: Ruhama’s Racenight. Saba Jewellery was one of the sponsors – my charitable donations last year were so stingy that when I got Ruhama’s newsletter looking for support I had to say Yes! And start making up for the year great of tight-fistedness, 2014. And I see that Christina Belle was a sponsor too (she’s a New Yorker who makes fabulous costume jewellery).

Who and what is Ruhama? Well, they’re a fantastic organisation helping women affected by prostitution: they give non-judgemental assistance to women and girls, many of whom are trafficked into Ireland, who believe that there is nobody out there to help them, nobody who respects them, believes in them or who gives a damn about what happens to them…but Ruhama is there to say yes, we care. And they are trying to change the laws about the buying and selling of sex, sex trafficking and people’s attitudes to exploitation in Ireland and all over the world.

In another life that could be you or me or your daughter in that horrible situation…

The AWCD has taken Ruhama on as their chosen charity for the next two years – good for you ladies! I hope Ruhama does really well from that connection.

Check out Ruhama’s website, Facebook page and Twitter and start supporting them now if you aren’t already!