Vintage Wallpaper Collection – The 1970s

Blog Branding ImageThis is the branding for my new collection of little birds…

After my siblings and I flew the coop many years ago, my parents decided to sell the house that we grew up in. While helping with the move I found a roll of wallpaper in the attic that had been on the walls of my sister’s bedroom when we were kids in the 1970s.

It was so gorgeous I decided to keep it . Back then my sister had been an avid-bird watcher, spending hours sitting alone at her window taking  copious notes on the birds that came to our garden.

I recently came across that roll of wallpaper again and it inspired me to design this new range of bird jewellery. WD2 Little Wren Inside Donut 2 close up

The birds are handmade from sterling silver. The original models were etched using Nitric Acid to get a recessed area for their wings. Then I had moulds made from the master patterns and they are now cast. The colour bit, the little copper discs and donuts, are enamelled in a kiln at 800 degrees using pure white powdered enamel. Then I put the wallpaper decal on. I basically scanned the sheet of wallpaper and had it made into transfers. These have to be fired at a much lower temperature (700 degrees). I cut each transfer out of the sheet by hand so no two are ever the same – it just depends what section I cut out.

There is going to be a promo at The Kilkenny Shop in Dublin for the week of the 20th of April…with a little pair of wren earrings as a giveaway when you purchase. See you there!

I’m the one in the middle by the way, my sister Adrienne is far left and Conor, my brother is on the right. Yup, middle child.